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Адрес работы: Металлургов, 87 на карте
ИКЕА Екатеринбург

Менеджер отдела мебели (Стеллажи/Офисная мебель)


Работодатель: ИКЕА Екатеринбург (15 вакансий)

Екатеринбург, Металлургов, 87 на карте

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Optimising sales in the store by leading and inspiring the team, using knowledge of our range, local market and customers. Using the IKEA tools and expertise of the team to enable the IKEA mechanical sales system to work efficiently, and ensure the continued success of the IKEA Concept.


• Self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a larger team
• Experience of actively selling through understanding your customers and their needs
• Ability to prioritize and organize work and the work of others
• Confident in communicating and managing/ leading others
• Experience of setting action plans, as well as setting and following up on goals
• Considered decision-maker, proven problem-solving ability
• Good analytical skills
• Ability to read and understand written English
• Computer literate


• Ensure that the shop is in shape as new with fully stocked sales spaces at all times throughout the day and that co-workers are ready and available to help customers buy.
• Spend most of the working time on the shop floor, listen and learn from the customers.
• Presenting the products to reflect the width and depth of the IKEA range in order to satisfy and inspire the different home furnishing tastes of our visitors.
• Ensuring the IKEA merchandising basics and mechanical sales system are in place and functioning efficiently. Co-workers are available and actively offer assistance when customers need help and support.
• Optimizing sales by:
 taking ownership for the range, and actively promoting the IKEA commercial priorities and volume commitments
 ensuring that 3 Aces and 1 King are available and clearly communicated and displayed at all times
 taking fast action on commercial opportunities; acting on customer feedback, as well as competition, supply and performance analysis
 presenting the range showing clear price and quality ladder with a strong low price in every price level
 ensuring my IKEA store has the lowest price on the local market for the product range
 educating the team in the IKEA way of selling
 agreeing to clear expectations with the team on shop-keeping routines and following up on them
• Delivering a commercial action plan for the range by working with matrix to understand the range priorities and local/national commercial opportunities, basing on the agreed goals and KPIs.
• Creating an environment of trust by encouraging frank, constructive, honest, two-way feedback with the team and other colleagues.
• Securing the training of co-workers in order to have a competent, commercially focused team that can support the selling process. Having in place a living succession plan.
• Delivering on my agreed goals and KPIs by:
 working with the team on our weekly and monthly sales targets
 commercially driving sales through the short-term and long-term action plans
 analyzing KPIs and working with the team to create meaningful actions to achieve agreed goals
• Controlling costs through working in a lean, simple and cost-conscious way using best practise and encouraging the team to discover more effective ways of working.

Условия работы:

официальное трудоустройство;
скидка на товары ИКЕА;
льготное питание в столовой для сотрудников;
страхование жизни и добровольное медицинское страхование;
бесплатная униформа;
возможность совмещать работу и другие важные дела;
работа по вечерам и в выходные;
возможность работы только в выходные;
вечерний развоз по районам;
обучение за счёт компании;
возможность изучения английского языка;
возможность расти и развиваться как в личностном плане, так и профессионально;
безграничные возможности для развития в Группе компаний ИКЕА;
регулярные встречи с руководителем для обсуждения плана индивидуального развития;
уникальный опыт работы с передовыми технологиями продаж и взаимодействия с покупателями;
возможность частичной компенсации детских летних путевок;
корпоративные праздники;
возможность освоить разные виды деятельности в рамках одной компании;
большой дружный коллектив.
в избранное
г. Екатеринбург, Металлургов, 87
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